Signe Lindgård Andersen

Signe Lindgård Andersen

PhD fellow

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Many nations now recognize the emergence of a new knowledge-based economy. Also in Denmark, there is an increasing focus upon knowledge and technology embedded in services and manufactured products as keys to growth and job creation. This anthropological research project will shed light on how the knowledge economy works at a micro-level exploring the exportation of intellectual property from the health sector in Denmark to China. The Danish evidence-based concept of Fast Track Surgery (FTS) serves as an example of this. Through an ethnographic study of how such a concept travels, this PhD.-project will examine the processes and social dynamics related to the transfer of the FTS concept in a global encounter between Danish and Chinese health care providers.

The project integrates medical anthropology, regional ethnography on China and theoretical perspectives on knowledge transfer, technology and globalization/localization.

The project is financed by the Capital Region of Denmark, Laurits Andersen's Foundation and the Clinical Research Centre at Amager and Hvidovre Hospital.

Supervisor: Ayo Wahlberg, Associate Professor, Institute of Anthropology, University of Copenhagen

Co-supervisor: Ove Andersen, Research Director, Amager and Hvidovre Hospital

External supervisor: Torben Steen Mogensen, MD

ID: 16993355