Sidsel Nelund

Sidsel Nelund


My PhD research, Sites of Knowledge Production in Contemporary Art, investigates the complex relationship between ‘knowledge production’ and contemporary art, a relationship that art theorists, curators and artists have claimed and maintained since the 1990’s. However, considering the wide use of the term ‘knowledge production’ my research looks behind the claim and asks how can art be knowledge production?

Placing the question in a larger historical, economic and political context, the first part of the dissertation traces the etymological genealogy of the term knowledge production through radical art practices, knowledge economy, educational policy and contemporary art in the 20th century.

The second part focuses on three contemporary art practices; exhibitions, educational projects and artistic practices. The main case studies are Home Works – A Forum on Cultural Practices (organized by Ashkal Alwan – The Lebanese Association for Plastic Arts since 2002), Learning Place (a workshop by philosopher Boris Buden organized within the framework of the Former West Congress 4 in Berlin 2013) and video works by Naeem Mohaiem (US and Bangladesh), Rabih Mroue (Lebanon), The Otolith Group (UK) and Hito Steyerl (Germany).

Given the character of the case studies my research also considers methodological questions related to ‘participatory research’ and ‘global art’.

Supervisor: Anne Ring Petersen, Associate professor, University of Copenhagen
Co-supervisor: TJ Demos, Reader, University College London
Scholarship: Mads Øvlisen Scholarship within Art History and Arts-Based Research

F12: Aural Culture: Sonorous Architecture. Buildings with Many Ears

ID: 32450135