Sidsel Eriksen

Sidsel Eriksen

Associate Professor

Personal data:
Sidsel Eriksen, b. 1958, cand. phil. University of Aarhus 1984, Ph.D. University of Copenhagen 1992.

Assistant at Statens Erhvervshistoriske Arkiv in Århus.

Research fellow 1987, research assistant 1994, research lecturer1997, senior lecturer (substitute) 2000. Since 1992 also external lecturer (teaching and supervision activities) at the Department of History, University of Copenhagen.

Research fellow in Department of History, Uppsala University (Sweden) in the autumn term 1986; by Nordic Counsil for Research in Alcohol and Drugs in Helsinki (Finland) in April 1989; at the Department of History, University of Gothenburg (Sweden) in the spring term1990 and in the spring term 1991, in USA (Berkeley) in April-may1992.

The Research projects have until the summer of 2000 continuously been financed by external project sources from Carlsbergfondet (funding from the Carlsberg Foundation stopped in 1994 due to conflicts of interests), Kirkeministeriet (Department of Church Affairs), Sundhedsstyrelsen (Department of Health), Helsefonden (Health Foundation), Humanistisk- and Sundhedsvidenskabeligt Forskningsråd (The Danish Humanistic- and The Danish Health Research Council), Nordiska Nämnden för Alkohol- och Drogforskning (Nordic Council for Research in Alcohol and Drugs) and Forskerakademiet (Danish Research Academy).

Knowledge of languages

Danish, Swedish, English, German, French

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