Rosa-Maria Worm Danbo

Rosa-Maria Worm Danbo

PhD fellow

As of February 1st 2019 I am employed as a PhD-fellow at the Institute of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies. The working title of my PhD-project is Sense and Sound: Implications for the Decipherment of Mesoamerican Writing Systems, and is part of a greater project titled The Origins and Developments of Central Mexican Calendars and Writing Systems (ca. AD 200 – 1600), funded by the Velux-foundation’s Core Group Programme.

My project contributes to current research with a theoretical foundation for identifying central Mexican writing systems as exactly that – systems of writing tied to specific languages. An investigation of paradigmatic biases in the field throughout research history will also be central to the project, and the goal is to present a clear methodology that is to guide future work on central Mexican writing systems. 

Primary fields of research

Mesoamerican languages and writing systems

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