Rita M. Buttenschøn

Rita M. Buttenschøn

Senior adviser

  • Forest, Nature and Biomass

    Rolighedsvej 23, 1958 Frederiksberg C, Baghus, Building: DM.27

    Phone: +45 35 33 17 12Mobile: +45 20 20 63 17

Education. 1964-1971: Study of biology (terrestrial ecology) in Copenhagen and Aarhus, Denmark; degree: cand. scient. Occupation. 1996-: Senior researcher/senioradvicer at the Danish Forest and Landscape Research Institute 1998: Member of scientific review team on research program of MISTRA, Sweden 1998: Referee on the culture landscape research programme of the Norwegian Research Foundation 1996: Member of project formulation mission "State Park Institutional Development project, Lithuania" 1995-1998: Project and research worker on an EU-project on woodland grazing . 1994-1995: Head supervisor of Aarhus County in a co-worked project with Harju County, Estonia, on a protection and usage plan for North Korvemaa Nature Reserve. 1991-1996: County Council Association appointed member of Det Rådgivende Udvalg for Parkteknisk Institut (Consultary council for Park Technical Institute, now part of Research Institute for Forest and Landscape). 1991-: Appointed censor at Skovskolen (Forestry Technical School). 1986-1996: Biologist at nature conservation section, Aarhus county. 1986-: Appointed censor at the IPFL of RVAU. 1982-: Periodic lecturer and graduate- and post-graduate thesis advisor at Aarhus and Copenhagen University. 1982-1983: External lecturate in conservation and landscape education at the Institute of Park, Forest and Landscape ( IPFL), Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University, Copenhagen ( RVAU). 1979-1986: Biologist at Conservation Division at Ribe County. 1977-1978: Biologist at Fredningplanudvalget for Ribe amt (local conservation body under the Ministry of the Environment (Resort transferred to the county councils in 1979). 1971-1977: Research worker at Molslaboratoriet, Natural History Museum, Aarhus.

Activities in public or civic affairs. 1982-1988: Chairman of Fredningsfaglig Forening (County conservationists society). 1992-1996: Chairman of ALMA (county landscape workers society). 1996: Appointment to a professorate applicant evaluation committee (professorate in landscape planning at the Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University, Copenhagen).

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