Réka Géczy

Réka Géczy


Project Overview:

The major goal of this project is the production of monodisperse, pharmaceutical grade nanoparticles using a microfluidic approach. In particular, I am interested in hybrid lipid-polymer nanoparticles encapsulating siRNA for the cleavage of the proinflammatory cytokine tumor necrosis factor-α (TNF-α).


Nanoparticles represent a highly desirable class of drug carriers due to their potential to deliver poorly soluble drugs, control release kinetics, and perform targeted delivery. However, major challenges in the clinical translation of nano-carriers are issues with the consistency and reproducibility of the product, that is, consistently attaining a high drug load and homogeneous size distribution. Current bulk fabrication is performed in cumbersome sequential steps of carrier assembly, drug loading, purification, etc. leading to significant waste of the material, as well as a broad size distribution that negatively impact the release kinetics of the drug; consequently, drug production.  

To circumvent the challenges faced in bulk fabrication techniques, recent research has turned towards microfluidic fabrication of drug nanoparticles. Microfluidics has the potential to produce drug carriers with tunable size characteristics, higher drug encapsulation yield, continuous particle production, and the elimination of post-production procedures such as purification, or size adjustments.

With the expertise of our research group in the area of microfluidics, cell biology and animal studies, we will work in a highly interdisciplinary environment to tackle nanoparticle drug delivery on multiple fronts, such as microfluidic chip engineering, formulation design and preclinical evaluations.  

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