Rasmus Kræmmer Rendsvig

Rasmus Kræmmer Rendsvig

Assistant Professor

I'm assitant professsor at the Center for Information and Bubble Studies, University of Copenhagen.
My primary research interests relates to the interplay of information and interaction in social contexts with a special focus on social influence.
I wrote my Ph.D. thesis at Lund University in theoretical philosophy on the topic of logical modeling of information dynamics.

Current research

At the Center for Information and Bubble Studies, we are currently collecting public data from Twitter, more specifically from #dkpol with the aim to validate bot detection methods. If you are a Twitter user and/or have any questions, please contact us at rasmus@hum.ku.dk or jahn@hum.ku.dk.


My main teaching resposibilities have been in logic and epistemology, and primary supervision in logic and rational interaction.

My primary supervision competences are logic, philosophy of logic, decision and game theory, epistemology and philosophy of language.

Primary fields of research

Social epistemology, formal epistemology, information dynamics, social influence and social proof, modal logic, dynamic epistemic logic

ID: 128404950