Rasmus Bro

Rasmus Bro


Member of:

    Education History

    1998 PhD, Multi-way Analysis, University of Amsterdam (Cum Laude)

    1994 Cand. Polyt., Analytical Chemistry, The Technical University, Denmark  


    Employment History

    2008 - now          Faculty member, Università di Modena e Reggio Emilia, Italy
    2007 - now          Full professor at Copenhagen University, Faculty of Sciences
    2013 - 2016        Professor Extraordinary at Stellenbosch University, South Africa2002 -
    2006                   Full professor at the KVL, Copenhagen
    1999 - 2002         Research associate professor at KVL, Copenhagen
    1996 - 1999         Research assistant professor at KVL, Copenhagen
    1994 - 1996         Research assistant at KVL, Copenhagen



    The first Nils Foss Excellence Prize to an active internationally recognized scientist with world class innovative research leading to remarkable improvements in the food supply chain https://bit.ly/2ezbBaQ, 2016.

    The Metabolomics "Best Paper Award". Bro, et. al. (2015) Forecasting individual breast cancer risk using plasma metabolomics and biocontours. Metabolomics 11, 1376. doi:10.1007/S11306-015-0793-8

    Awarded The 10th Herman Wold Gold Medal honoring a person who has contributed significantly to the development and proliferation of chemometrics in research, development and production'in the spirit of Herman Wold', SSC12, Billund, June 9, 2011.

    Awarded by His Royal Highness The Prince's Foundation for individuals who have increased the prestige of Denmark in research.

    Awarded "Top Cited Author in Computational Statistics and Data Analysis 2005-2010" for the paper "A comparison of algorithms for fitting the PARAFAC model, 2006"

    Innovation prize March 2008 at Faculty of Life Sciences for the industrial consortium ODIN

    EAS Award for Achievements in Chemometrics, presented at the 2004 Eastern Analytical Symposium, November 15 - 18, Somerset, NJ

    2001 Best paper award "Parallel Factor Analysis in Sensor Array Processing", IEEE Trans. Sens. Array Proc., 48(8), August 2001.

    3rd Elsevier Chemometrics Award 2000 for noteworthy accomplishments in the field of chemometrics by younger scientist, presented in Antwerp

    PhD Cum Laude from Amsterdam University, 1998

    Special award for contribution in making chemometric information available through the Internet, given at SSC5, Finland, 1997.


    Stays Abroad

    June 2000            Guest researcher at ENITTIA-INRA, France, Prof. El Mostafa Qannari 
    1997 - 1998         Guest researcher at MATFORSK, Ellen Færgestad & Prof. Tormod Næs
    1995                    Two months stay at University of Amsterdam, Prof. Age Smilde


    Web Services 

    1999 - 2004         Chemometrics World. Maintained by Wiley and edited by R. Bro
    1995 -                  Toolbox for multi-way analysis co-authored by C. A. Andersson 
    1995 -                  Repository for algorithms for numerical analysis
    1995 -                  Interactive WWW-tutorial on multi-way analysis
    1997 -                  Repository for data sets for use in chemometrics 
    1995 - 1999         ChemoBro: searchable database with thousands of papers
    1995- 1999          Chemometrics from A to Z  (moved to Wiley)


    Research Centers Headed By Rasmus Bro

    2001 - now. Creator and daily leader of the researchconsortium ODIN which provides courses, workshops, international contacts and student collaboration. ODIN has the following members: Arla, Dupont, Chr. Hansen, Einar Willumsen.

    2010 - 2014. Chemometric group is the major player in one of five strategic research initiatives at the faculty (Chemometrics and biostatistics - CHANCE CHemometric ANalysis CEntre, www.chance.life.ku.dk). 

    2010 - 2013. Chemometric group is heading one of the eight identified socalled elite research areas at the faculty. This area is called "Chemometrics, biostatistics and multivariate data analysis".

    Other Activities 

    • Eigenvector Associate (2000-present)
    • Founder of MedicoMetrics Aps (2000-2006)
    • Software developer for Eigenvector Research, Inc. (1999-present) 
    • Industrial consulting and teaching through Optima X 
    • Agent for products of Umetri AB (1996-1999) 
    • US Patent: L. Nørgaard, M. Albrechtsen, O. I. Olsen, Niels Harrit, and R. Bro. Method and system for classifying a biological sample. 10/297,187(US patent #US20030162301), 2003.

    ID: 4226399