Raphaële Xenidis

Raphaële Xenidis


Raphaële Xenidis is currently a Marie Curie Fellow at iCourts at the Faculty of Law of the University of Copenhagen and a lecturer in European Union Law at the University of Edinburgh Law School. Previously, Raphaële was a researcher in equality law at the International and European Law Department of Utrecht University, where she worked for the coordination team of the European Network of legal experts in gender equality and non-discrimination, and as a researcher with the RENFORCE research centre, the Netherlands Institute of Human Rights (SIM) and the Gender and Diversity Hub. Raphaële obtained her Ph.D. at the Department of Law of the European University Institute where she wrote her dissertation on the question of intersectional and multiple discrimination in EU and ECHR law.

Primary fields of research

Raphaële’s research interests are in discrimination and equality law, critical legal theory, law & society and legal mobilisation, human rights law and law and technology. In particular, she has been working on issues of intersectionality and intersectional discrimination in the framework of her Ph.D. dissertation and on algorithmic discrimination, bias in automated decision-making systems and data-driven inequality as part of her Marie Curie postdoctoral research project.

Current research

Raphaële's current research project is entitled PROFILE – Safeguarding Equality in the European Algorithmic Society: Tackling Discrimination in Algorithmic Profiling through EU Equality Law. It investigates the conceptual, doctrinal and procedural frictions that arise between EU equality law and the increasing use of algorithmic profiling techniques in numerous areas of life including work, health, education, advertising and the consumption of goods and services. 

Raphaële is also working on issues of intersectional discrimination in European equality law. She researches how the concept of intersectionality has been operationalised as a transformative frame by various legal actors in EU and ECHR non-discrimination law.

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