Petur Weihe Dalsgaard

Petur Weihe Dalsgaard

Guest researcher

Primary fields of research

  • Analytical chemistry and toxicology
  • Screening for drugs in blood, urine and muscle by liquid chromatography - high resolution - mass spectrometry (UHPLC, Time-of-Flight and Orbitrap)
  • Optimized screening for designer drugs like synthetic cannabinoids

Current research

I am educated as a pharmacist at the University of Copenhagen and did my Ph.D. on new metabolites from unexplored fungi. This was a joint project between the University of Copenhagen, DTU and the University of Canterbury, New Zealand.

I have 10 years of working experience with LC/MS on small molecules (<600 Da), and 1 year Post Doc experience from the University of Basel working with LC/MS analysis of proteins. I am currently working as a research scientist at the Forensic Chemistry Section at the University of Copenhagen, where I am the expert on UPLC-(Q)TOF-MS and UHPLC-Orbitrap-MS analysis.

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