Pernille Tveden-Nyborg

Pernille Tveden-Nyborg

Associate Professor

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    I have been employed at the Dept. of Veterinary and Animal Sciences since April 2007. from 2013 as Assoc. Prof. in Experimental Pharmacology. My main area of competence is preclinical animal models and their translational potential, with a current emphasis on fatty liver disease (NAFLD), its progression to NASH and hepatic fibrosis, and putative therapeutic modalities. I also have a keen research interest concerning the potential effects of dietary vitamin C particularly in the brain during development. In addition, I collaborate on individual research projects concerning other types of preclinical models of human disease and the assessment of pharmacological and toxicologial effects in vivo, and - to some degree-  effects ex vivo and in vitro. 

    Primary fields of research

    Preclinical animal models and their translational potential

    The development of NAFLD, NASH and hepatic fibrosis, and the evaluation of putative interventions

    The influence of vitamin C on the developing brain and brain function


    Current research

    The guinea pig as a model of NAFLD/NASH

    The effect of diet-induced and pharmacological interventions on the devlopment and resolution of NAFLD/NASH

    Ex vivo culture of liver slices ("The liver in a dish") as preclincial tool in NAFLD/NASH research

    Effects of vitamin C deficiency in vivo (depletion/repletion)




    In vivo pharmacology

    Veterinary Pharmacology


    Possible conflicts of interest

    Pernille Tveden-Nyborg has present or former collaborations - of which some include funding - with  the Lifepharm center, Novo Nordisk, Nordic Bioscience and Chr. Hansen.

    Pernille Tveden-Nyborg functions as associate editor of the scientific journals  'Basic and Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology' and 'ACTA Vet Scandinavica'. 

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