Pernille Tveden-Nyborg

Pernille Tveden-Nyborg

Associate Professor

I have been employed at the dept. of Biomedicine, Pharmacology, since April 2007. At present my research concerns the potential effects of dietary vitamin C on the development of the brain in neonate guinea pigs. Previously, my field of research has been embryology with principal focus on mechanisms involved in the embryonic development of ruminants..

Primary fields of research

The influence of vitamin C on the developing brain and brain function

Embryonic and fetal development of the the brain, primarily the hippocampus, in guinea pigs

Molecular biological mechanisms invovled in the uptake and transport of vitamin C

Current research

The effekt of vitamin C deficiency in neonate guinea pigs (depletion and repletion)

The guinea pig as a model for studies of spatial memory

Molecular biological mechanisms involved in the uptake of vitamin C in tissues 

The guinea pig as a model for lifestyle diseases

The effects of obesity on normal behaviour




In vivo pharmacology

Veterinary Pharmacology


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