Paw Havgaard Hansen

Paw Havgaard Hansen

PhD fellow

Motivation is a central aspect in the study of public employees. Usually, we say that it is good to be "motivated" and research does show that motivation has a significant impact on how much time and energy we are willing to spend when working on a task - as well as the results we achieve.  

In my PhD project I attempt to broaden our traditional understanding of motivation amongst public employees. Jeg examine e.g. which role citizens play in public employees' motivation and whether motivation affects how public employees make decisions and proces information. Finally, I look into whether motivation can actually have negative consequences - for example concerning equity issues. In my project I apply quantitative methods (e.g. experiments) as well as qualitative (e.g. interviews).

Mogens Jin Pedersen and Lene Holm Pedersen supervises my project.      

ID: 143257588