Patricia Enebær Irene DeCosta

Patricia Enebær Irene DeCosta

PhD Student

I have a MSc. in Human Nutrition and I am currently a PhD student at the Department of Psychology, University of Copenhagen and Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen. I have a strong professional interest in working with young children and understanding their perspective in health promotion. I have experience with health promotion research in the area of diabetes management and working with evidence-based interventions targeting overweight and obesity in childhood.  I have previously worked in the research area of nutrition and the early development of taste preferences and eating habits in children, with a special interest in autonomy in the weaning period. Additionally, I am the co-author two books aimed at parents, healthcare practitioners and the general public.

Current research

Giving young children, newly diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, a voice is the overarching focus of my PhD project. Using play-based research, the aim is to gain a greater understanding of young children’s need for psychosocial support when diagnosed with type-1 diabetes. A second aim of the project is to develop a play based dialogue tool, in collaboration with health professionals and young children with type 1 diabetes, In order to actively include these children in their care.




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