Palle Roslyng-Jensen

Palle Roslyng-Jensen

Associate professor emeritus

Primary fields of research

Research areas ....
Denmark during the German Occupation 1940-45; attitudes and opinions during the cold war, propaganda in the Century, military-civilian relations in Denmark in the 20th Century

Current research

Current research:
- Memories of the military Occupation of Denmark 9th of April 1940
- The Universities, sciences and nazism 1933-1945. Including: The student attitudes to Nazism. 
- Vagn Bennike and Danish UN observers in the Middle East 1950-56
- Comparative studies in Danish, Swedish and Norwegian media discourses during the Détente in the 1970'ies


Teaching and supervising areas
- Danish Occupation History
- European Occupation History 1939-45
- Cold War History
- Propaganda, media and War, 20th Century
- Danish political History 1930'ies to 1980'ies
- The military and politics, Denmark in the 20th Century 

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