Ole John Nielsen

Ole John Nielsen


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    Primary fields of research

    1. Atmospheric chemistry and hence environmental impact of CFC replacement compounds and of oxygenated species.
    2. Fundamental kinetics and mechanisms of reactions important in atmospheric and combustion chemistry.
    3. Determination of the environmental impact of anthropogenic and natural emissions - out-door as well as in-door chemistry
    4. Atmospheric particulates.
    5. Air pollution chemistry.
    6. Climate Change.


    Environmental Chemistry, Atmospheric Chemistry, Ozone depletion, Climate Change, Chemical Kinetics and Reaction Mechanisms.

    Classes: Env. Chemistry 1 (2nd year) and 3 (3rd year), Atmospheric Environmental Chemistry, Air Pollution and Health (4th-5th year)  and CCIAM (Climate Change Impact Adaptation and Mitigation MSc e-learning course)

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