Nina Rønsted

Nina Rønsted

Affiliate Professor

Current research

Our research explores the evolution of plant diversity and the interaction between people and plants with a particular focus on useful or other charismatic plants as well as conservation of endangered plants. We combine fieldwork and museum collections with genomic data of populations and phylogenetic lineages, and analysis of important environmental or useful traits and biocultural approaches to support sustainable use and conservation. 

Nina is currently adjunct professor at the Natural History Museum of Denmark, as well as Director of Science and Conservation at the National Tropical Botanical Garden, Hawaii.  

We always welcome enthusiastic BSc and MSc students to conduct their thesis or internships on one of our research projects in Copenhagen or Hawaii. Contact Nina Rønsted for ideas and opportunities or see our web.

See our home page: Rønsted lab 

Coordinator of MedPlant ITN network 2013-2017: 

PlantID ITN network 2018-2021:


Current team members

Nina Rønsted (PI)

Natalie Iwanycki Ahlstrand (Postdoc)

Elisabeth M. Biersma (Postdoc)

Nataly Allasi Canales (PlantID PhD student)

Yannick Woudstra (PlantID PhD studnet, based at Kew Gardens, UK)

Arne Mertens (PhD student based at Meise Botanical Garden, Belgium)

Seana Kasey Walsh (PhD student based at National Tropical Botanical Garden, Hawaii, USA)

Dustin Matthew Wolkis (PhD student based at National Tropical Botanical Garden, Hawaii, USA)

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