Niels Ødum

Niels Ødum


  • Skin Immunology Research Center

    Blegdamsvej 3B, Building: 07-12-62

    2200 København N.

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NIELS ØDUM (born 1955); 228 Bernstorffsvej, 2920 Charlottenlund, Denmark


Department of International Health, Immunology and Microbiology (ISIM)

Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, University of Copenhagen, Blegdamsvej 3

DK-2200 Copenhagen N; e-mail:;

Academic Examinations, degrees ect

1989     D. M.Sc., University of Copenhagen

1982     M.D., University of Copenhagen (UC)


2012     Full professorship in immunology, Institute of International Health, Immunology and microbiology, Health Science Faculty, University of Copenhagen

2003     Full professorship in Signal transduction in the Immune system, Department of Biology University of Copenhagen.

1993     Associate professor, Inst. Biochem. University of Copenhagen.

1992     Senior researcher at Dept for Clinical Immunology, Rigshospitalet

1991     Visiting Reseacrh fellow Kyushu University, Fukuoka, Japan

1989     Visiting Research fellow Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research, Seattle, USA

1982     ­­­­­MD and research fellow at Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen. 

Research fields of expertice:

Immunology; immune regulation, T cell lymphomas, cytokines, signal transduction, immune pathology, autoimmunity, allergy, transplantation, tumor immunology, cancer.

Publications and patents:

Author of 208 papers in peer-reviewed journals and patents/patent applications within the fields of immunology, immune pathology, signal transduction and gene regulation. Many publications in high (impact factor > 5) and very high (impact factor > 10) journals including Nature Immunol, Blood, PNAS, Genes Dev, Cancer Res, and other

Sum of  the times cited: 5065;

H-index: 41 (= number of articles cited more than 41 times)

Total number of peer-reviewed publications: 209

Author of 25 publications, interviews, view-point ect (not peer reviewed) in news papers and magazines, periodicals, and media like “Ingeniøren”, “Ugeskrift or Læger”, news and publications from “Kræftens Bekæmpelse”, “HøjteknologiFonden”, “Danmarks Radio”, and other. 

Academic and Research Achievements:

Made many scientific discoveries including identifying new HLA genes, their function and importance in transplantation and autoimmunity, unravelled Interleukin-2 signal cascades and pathological signalling in T cell lymphoma, discoveries of oncogenes and their targets and functions, diagnostic miRNA profiling of inflammatory skin disorders, identification of novel therapeutic targets, and other discoveries published in more than 200 international peer reviewed journals and patents (cf. above)

Present Project management:

"Forskergruppeleder" – managing and financing a research group of 12-14 including associate and assistant professors, post docs and PhD students visiting scientists, as well as graduate students and technicians.

Project manager of a 4 year High-technology project “miRNA as a diagnostic tool in inflammatory skin diseases” involving University of Copenhagen, Exiqon A/S, and LEO Pharma A/S with a total budget of 18 mill.

Organizer and leader of an international collaboration on “Identification of novel therapeutic targets in T cell lymphoma” (DK, USA, Canada, Germany, Austria)

Organizer of an international study on “Bacterial toxins in colon inflammation and Cancer” (DK, UK, Italy, Sweden)

PhD students i 2012: , 2 internal PhD students, 4 external PhD students

Supervision: Supervised more than 110 master- and PhD students from UC

Industrial collaboration: Chairman of the Board, CellCure (2000-2005), a biotech company focused on cancer vaccination. Scientific collaboration with Novo Nordisk, LEO Pharma, Neurosearch, Exiqon, ALK-Abello. Engaged in industrial/ university collaboration in the framework of Copenhagen Capacity, member of the Board, Copenhagen Cluster of Immunology. Head of the consortium of partners from University of Copenhagen, University Hospitals and industry (Exiqon A/S and LEO Pharma) and a Højteknologi Fonden a project aimed at developing microRNA as diagnostic tools in skin inflammation.

Science administration: Member of the organizing committee for Copenhagen Cluster of Immunology and member of the board of the Graduate School of Immunology. Consultant for Human Frontier Science Program, Strasbourg CEDEX, France, Imperial Cancer Research Foundation UK, and the Broad Association (USA). Section Editor for Exp Clin Immunogen. Co-editor of Advances in Hematology and Open Leukaemia Journal. Reviewer for Blood, Tissue Antigens, Leukemia, Hum Immuno­l­, Immunogen­etics, and others. Privious member of the board of the Danish Society for Immunology and organizer/co-organizer of several International conferences and workshops. Key-note speaker and chairman of div. sessions on immune regulation/inflammation/ lymphoma at international conferences and workshops. Consultant for the Research Counsil of Singapore. Since 2007 Expert assessor and consultant for the Research Council of Norway. Since 2011 consultant for the Dutch Cancer Research Council. 


Total number of references:

Author of 209 papers in peer-reviewed journals

Author of 25 publications, interviews, view-point ect (not peer reviewed)

Co-author of two patents/patent applications

Sum of  the times cited: 5065;

H-index: 41 (= number of articles cited more than 41 times)

References (for the last five years) in peer-reviewed journals:

(Consecutive numbers from the first publication in a peer-reviewed journal)

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