Nete Schwennesen

Nete Schwennesen

Associate Professor

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My research interest centers on health care technologies and processes of knowledge production through which life is visualized, managed and acted upon and the moral spaces of action and decision-making that is generated herein. In my Ph.d. I studied life in its emergent state in the context of selective reproductive technologies and focused on the beginning of life and processes through which forms of life were assessed as eligible for coming into being.

Current research

In my current research I study the improvement and possible extention of life, as frail elderly bodies are offered digital technologies in the context of rehabilitation and the promotion of 'active ageing'. The project is part of the interdisciplinary Center for Healthy Ageing at Copenhagen University

My research is based on ethnographic fieldworks and draws theoretically on medical anthropology and 
sociology, and science and technology studies.


Research group

I am a co-coordinator of the Health and Life Conditions research group at the Department of Anthropology and a member of the Center for Medical Science and Technology studies (MeST) at the Institute of Public Health: 



Recent Publications:

 Schwennesen, Nete. "Algorithmic assemblages of care: imaginaries, epistemologies and repair work." Sociology of health & illness 41 (2019): 176-192.

 Schwennesen, Nete. "Surveillance Entanglements: Digital Data Flows and Ageing Bodies in Motion in the Danish Welfare State." Anthropology & Aging 40.2 (2019): 10-22.

 Felding, Simone Anna, and Nete Schwennesen. "Når omsorgen udliciteres: En analyse af den konfliktfyldte omsorgstrojka mellem mennesker med demens, pårørende og plejepersonale på et plehjem i Danmark." Tidsskrift for Forskning i Sygdom og Samfund (2019)

Schwennesen, Nete. "When self-tracking enters physical rehabilitation: From ‘pushed’self-tracking to ongoing affective encounters in arrangements of care." DIGITAL HEALTH 3 (2017): 2055207617725231.

ID: 3074