Mogens Teken Christophersen

Mogens Teken Christophersen

Senior veterinarian

Professional activities (full time):

2008 Jul. -                                                 School of Farriery, University of Copenhagen, Appointed Leader.

2006 Apr. -                                               Senior Veterinary Surgeon at University of Copenhagen, Large Animal Surgery. Started as Clinical Veterinarian and cont. as Senior Veterinary Surgeon, (Responsible for surgical patients. Also teaching farrier-trainees and senior equine veterinary students, incl. Seminars, Workshops, Bachelor- and Master- Thesis- supervision). April 2013 & February 2010 nominated, by students, as best teacher at the faculty, “The Golden Bull”. Implemented Head- &Tail-robe assisted recovery for equine surgeries since spring 2015, a standard procedure at our Hospital.

2008 Aug. – Aug. 2011                           ECVS-trainee (Surgical Residency: Large Animal)

2004 May-2006 Mar.          Orion Pharma Animal Health, Denmark, Consultant and Sales Manager.

1995 Mar.-2004 Apr.          Private Practice, 80% Equine (Højelse Dyreklinik ApS.) Partner since 1997, with 50% company share 2000-2004. We were 5-6 fulltime veterinarians and 4-7 administration/technical personnel. Clinic with X-ray, Ultrasound, Endoscopes, lots of orthopaedics, reproduction and emergency care.

1995 Jan.-1995 Mar.           Teaching at the University of Copenhagen (former RVAU) Large Animal Surgery.

 Other professional activities:

2014 Apr.-    Board member, Horse insurance company; KDH (Kongeriget Danmarks Hesteforsikring).

2013 Nov.-    Danish Official Council evaluating applications for animal use in research and development. Beskikkelse til Rådet for Dyreforsøg. Efter indstilling fra dyrebeskyttelsesforeningerne har Fødevareministeren fra 5. november 2013 beskikket Julie Fjeldborg. Som stedfortræder er Mogens Teken Christophersen, KU Sund beskikket.

2011 Jan.-     Member of a new work-group evaluating the Danish Horse law and suggesting improvements: “Hold af Heste”- (How to keep Horses at stall, pasture, training, medicine, farriery, etc). This Law (Lov nr. 528 af 06. juni 2007) was implemented in Denmark by 01. January 2008. Revision of the law is planned for 2016.

2006 Jan. -    MCP (medical control program) Testing Veterinarian. Fédération Equestre Internationale, Switzerland; (10-20 weekend-days a year, DEN, SWE, NOR, GER).

2006 Jan -     Consultant. Horse insurance company; and Boradmember since 2014 KDH (Kongeriget Danmarks Hesteforsikring).

2005 Jul. -     MobilVet. My private company, mainly handling the two activities mentioned above, and a few law cases: “Syn of Skøns-sager”, Sagkyndig dommer; and cases as consultant for “Det Veterinære Sundhedsråd” (2012 + 2014 + 2015). Helsingborg Equine Hospital, as vet. at duty few nights every year 2013 + 2014 + 2015.

2003 Jan. -    Board member of ”Hestens Værn” – Equine welfare organisation in Denmark. From                  2015 board member of “Hestens Værns Fond”.

2003 Apr.-2006 Feb: I was a member of a working group in The Danish Department of Justice. We worked during three years to create the background material for the new Legislation, “Hold af Heste”- (How to keep Horses at stall, pasture, training, medicine etc). This Law (Lov nr. 528 af 06. juni 2007) was implemented in Denmark by 01. January 2008.

1999-2004     Board member, “Council regarding Horses Shoeing and Trimming” Rådet for Hovpleje og Hestebeslag, Denmark.

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