Mogens Nørgaard Olesen
Mogens Nørgaard Olesen

Part-time lecturer

Research fields
Pure and applied mathematics, mathematical didactics, history of mathematics, transportation, philosophy of science.

Lectures and educational planning of the courses Mathematics A, Mathematics B, Dynamic Models.

Guidance of students
Applied mathematics in economic theory.

Selected publications

  • Mathematics – Concept and Understanding. Vol 5. Difference equations, differential equations, calculus of variations, optimal control theory. 577 pages. (In Danish) Hans Reitzels Forlag 2015.
  • With the Ferry Across the Kattegat. Vol. I: 416 pages, vol: II 2 460 pages.  (in Danish) Forlaget Nautilus 2014.   
  • Bildung in a New Context in Danish University Teaching With Some Remarkable Results. Forum on Public Policy, vol. 2011, no. 3, pp 1- 15.
  • Bildung – Then and Now in Danish High School and University Teaching. Forum on Public Policy, vol. 2010, no. 2, pp 1 – 23.

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