Michael Poulsen

Michael Poulsen


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    I am interested in the evolutionary origin and stability of symbioses, including conflict and cooperation within beneficial symbiotic associations (mutualisms). My work focuses on population genetics, host-symbiont interactions, and the coevolutionary history of fungus-growing insect-microbe associations.

    I did my PhD at the Department of Population Biology (Copenhagen University) from 2002-2005 with the focus being on conflict and cooperation in fungus-growing ant-fungus and -bacteria symbioses.

    After a postdoctoral stay from 2005-2010, I returned to the University of Copenhagen where I became an Associate Professor in 2014 and a Full Professor in 2020. For more details, see my Curriculum Vitae.

    If you are interested in my work or a potential collaboration, you are always very welcome to contact me (MPoulsen@bio.ku.dk).

    ID: 22473168