Mette Mortensen

Mette Mortensen


2019-           Professor, Department of Communication. 

2018           Visiting Faculty Fellow, Center for Advanced Research in Global Communication,   Annenberg School of Communication, University of Pennsylvania. 

2015           Senior visiting fellow, London school of Economics.

2013-2019  Associate Professor, Department of Media, Communication, and Cognition, University of Copenhagen. 

2012-2013  Post.doc. projekt co-financed between The Danish Research Council and Department of Media, Cognition and Communication, University of Copenhagen, The Mediatization of Culture. The Challenge of New Media, PI Professor Stig Hjarvard.

2008-2012  Post.doc. Danish Research Council, Visual Warfare in the Age of Globalization and Digitalization, University of Copenhagen, including maternity Leave. 

2007          Scientific Assistant, Department of Art and Cultural Studies, University of Copenhagen.

2007           Post.Doc. The Danish Research Counicil, High-tension Aesthetics. Ethics and Aesthetics in Contemporary Media, PI Professor Anne Jerslev, University of Copenhagen 

2001-2006  PhD Scholar, Department of Art and Cultural Studies, University of Copenhagen, including maternity leave.

2003            Curator of the exhibition Geometry of the Face, National Museum of Photography, CPH.

2001-2003   Reviewer for Information.


Periods of Leave

2008-2009 Maternity Leave

2004-2005 Work-reduced hours

2003-2004 Maternity Leave



2017-2018    Research Management Course, CBS. 

2012           Teacher Training Course, University of Copenhagen.

2006           PhD Arts and Cultural Studies, University of Copenhagen 

1999          MA Literature, Aarhus University (including internship at  Museum of Modern Art, New York and studies Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art/NYU, New York; Ludwig Maximilian University, München).


Management and administration 

2019-                Departure Head of Department for Research,  Department of Communication.

2019-                PhD Coordinator, Department of Communication.

2018-2019         PhD Coordinator, Section for Film, Media and Communikation.

2015-2018         Educational Coordinator, Film and Media Studies.

2013-2014         Study board representative and substitute study board representative.  


Externally Funded Research

2018-2021   Advisory board Beyond the Here and Now of News, PI Chris Peters. 

2017-2021   PI Images of Conflicts, Conflicting Images, Core Research Group,Velux Foundation.

2017-2019   PI Media and Fear, in collaboration with Professor Annette Hill, University of Lund, Einar Hansen’s Research Foundation.

2016-2020   Member of the research project, Face of Terror, PI Professor Anne Gjelsvik, NTNU, Trondheim, Norwegian Research Council.

2012-2015  Member of the research project Meaning Across Media. Cross-media Communication and Co-creation, PI Associate Professor Kjetil Sandvik, University of Copenhagen, Danish Research Council.

2012         Support from New Carlsberg Foundation, Landsdommer V. Gieses Legat, Lillian og Dan Finks Fond, Novo Nordisk Foundation for the publication of the monograph Kampen om ansigtet. Fotografi og identifikation (Kbh: Museum Tusculanum Press).     

2011-2015  Member of the research project, The Mediatization of Culture. The Challenge of New Media,PI Professor Stig Hjarvard, Danish Research Councip.

2013-2014  Face Value, PI Professor Anne Gjelsvik (NTNU, Norway), Supported by NOH-HS.

2008-2012   Post. doc. project, Visual Warfare in the Age of Globalization and Digitalization, Danish Research Council.

2006-2008  Member of the research project High-tension Aesthetics. Ethics and Aesthetics in Contemporary Media, PI Professor Anne Jerslev.

2001-2006   PhD project, Facial Politics. Photography and Identification, Danish Research Council.               


Editorial Experience

2018-     Editorial Panel Convergence: The International Journal of Research into New Media Technologies

2018-     Editorial Panel Media, War & Conflict (Sage Journals)

2018-      Co-editor of Nordic Journal of Media Studies. 

2016-      Member of International Committee, China Film Press: "Nordic Cinema and Cultural Studies Series".

2016-       Consultant editor, Routledge Encyclopaedia of Citizen Media.

2013-2018      Editor Northern Lights. Film & Media Studies Yearbook (Intellect Press).

2010-2012   Redaktør MedieKulturJournal of Media and Communication Research.

2008-          Reviewer for: National Science Center Poland; Belgian Research Center; and International Communication Association. Reviewer for the following journals: Journalism Studies;  Journalism: Theory, Practice and Critique; New Media and SocietyJournalism and Mass Communication; Popular CommunicationThe International Journal of Media and CultureInformation, Communication & Society; JOMEC JournalCulture Unbound. Journal of Current Cultural Research; Journal of Aesthetics and Culture; Journalism Practice,Media, Culture and Society and others.






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