Matti Weisdorf

Matti Weisdorf

PhD fellow

Current research

My PhD project with the working title Ecological Pedagogies and Moods of Morality explores the ethically and politically charged lives of a community of vociferous biodiversity-championing biologists in Aarhus, Denmark, and traces how ecological thought travel and mutate as such biologists-cum-eco-activists move from the university setting through sites of civic engagement to the intricacies and conundrums of everyday life.

From this empirical point of departure, the project investigates the ways in which “ecological sensibilities” (Bennett 2001), “attunements” (Jardine 1996) and “respons-abilities” (Haraway 2015) are configured and cultivated through and sometimes despite of the scientific practices of the so-called science of life.

The project forms part of the Enchanted Ecologies in Scandinavia project that vows to offer new ethnographic accounts of the cultivation of enchantment in nature-oriented experiences among self-declared secular people in Scandinavia, and to develop new ways of theorizing enchantment and analyze how enchanted moments in different ways may relate to ethical and political concerns.

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