Matilda Amundsen Bergström

Matilda Amundsen Bergström


I am a postdoc in Philosophy, primarily working on the history of Early Modern European Philosophy and Litearture. My research focus is women's writing and gender issues. I received my Ph.D in Comparative Literature from the University of Gothenburg, Sweden, in 2019 with the thesis As Sappho. Three Early Modern Women Poets and their Strategies of Publication, Self-Presentation and Rhetoric, where I explored the writings of Louise Labé (1520/22-1566), Katherine Philips (1632-1664) and Hedvig Charlotta Nordenflycht (1718-1763). 

I am currently part of the research project "Archeology of the Female Intellectual Identity (Denmark and Germany, 1650-1800)" (AFII), which investigates the formation of the female intellectual identity in the Early Modern period.

Primary fields of research

Gender studies in the history of philosophy and literature

Women's writing

Early Modern philosophy and literature

Early Modern moral philosophy

Book history and material culture

Current research

I am currently working on the project "Hedvig Charlotta Nordenflycht – an 18th century Swedish Intellectual", as part of the larger research project "Archeology of the Female Intellectual Identity (Denmark and Germany, 1650-1800)" (AFII).

My project will complement the existing three sub-projects by providing a wider Scandinavian context, focusing on Swedish poet and philosopher Hedvig Charlotta Nordenflycht (1718-1763). Previous research on Nordenflycht has explored her achievements as a poet, but this project provides new insight by examining how she conceptualized and presented herself as an intellectual and philosopher. Specifically, the project focuses on Nordenflycht’s public intellectual exchange with other writers as an important aspect of how she created her intellectual identity. The texts considered include Nordenflycht’s famous proto-feminist poem "Fruentimrets Försvar" (The Defense of Women) written in response to Jean-Jacques Rousseau, as well as poems directed to Ludvig Holberg, Carl Klingberg and Birgitta Lange.

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