Martine Stagelund Hvidt

Martine Stagelund Hvidt

Assistant Professor

Martine Stagelund Hvidt is a post.doc. researcher (Ph.D., LL.M, LL. B) in the interplay between social rights and digital administrative law. She was awarded the Ph.D.-degree in law in 2015 at the Faculty of Law, University of Copenhagen. Her dissertation is an analysis of Danish cross-border social pensions in an EU and gender equality perspective. Her focus is the citizen's rights to social security.

Currently her research revolves around:

  • Social security rights
  • AI and Machine Learning in the public administration
  • Childrens right to access social and administrative law rights in a digital public administration
  • How algorithmic errors are to be dealt with legally in administrative law

Other research areas:

  • Discrimination and equality law
  • Work environment law
  • Work environment law for online platform workers
  • Health and safety for online platform workers


Social law

Childrens social law

Discrimination and equality law

Work Environment law  

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