Martin Fog Lantz Arndal

Martin Fog Lantz Arndal

PhD fellow

In my ph.d.-project I set out to explore the intricate relationship between instabilities of genre and gender in late eighteenth-century women’s fiction. Here I focus upon Mary Wollstonecraft’s Mary and Maria, or the Wrongs of Woman, Germaine de Staël’s Corinne, or Italy, and Dorothea Veit-Schlegel’s Florentin. My main thesis is, that all three authors, each in their own way, questions fundamentally the rigidity of literary forms (e.g. the “sentimental”, “gothic”, or “romantic” novel), and then using this prior instability in reconfigurations of what it means to be a gendered (e.g. male, female, trans) and sexual (e.g. hetero, bi, homo) person.

Primary fields of research

  • Gender Studies.
  • Genre Studies.
  • Romanticism.
  • Comparative Literature

Fields of interest

  • History of (Women’s) Philosophy.
  • History of Feminism.
  • Historiography of Philosophy.
  • Political Philosophy of the Seventeenth- and Eighteenth Century.

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