Marianne Stidsen

Marianne Stidsen

Associate professor emeritus

Primary fields of research

Late modern Danish and Nordic literature, postmodern literature and cultural debate, modern literary history, post-war Scandinavian literature (Thorkild Bjørnvig, Ole Sarvig, Martin A. Hansen and Karen Blixen among others), The Modern Breakthrough (J.P. Jacobsen), The Enlightenment (Ludvig Holberg and Jens Baggesen), contemporary literary theory, literature and psychology (third force), existentialism (philosophical and literary), Bildung (philosophical, historical and literary), free speech (philosophical, historical and literary).

Current research

Existentialism - philosophical and literary

Modern and postmodern literary theory

Literature and Bildung in late modernity

Literature and free speech - from Ludvig Holberg's Peder Paars to Christina Hagen's Korrekthedsbibelen (The Bible of Political Correctness)



  • Literary analysis
  • Literary theory
  • Modern literary history
  • Late modern Danish and Nordic literature
  • Postmodern literature and cultural debate
  • Literature and psychology (third force)
  • Existentialism (philosophical and literary)
  • Bildung (philosophical, historical and literary)
  • Free Speech (philosophical, historical and literary)

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