Margaretha Järvinen

Margaretha Järvinen



Doctor in political science (pol.dr), Åbo Akademi University, Finland.

Ph.D. (politices licentiate), Finland


1.6.2014 - professor at the Department of Sociology, University of Copenhagen

2002 - 2014 professor at The Department of Sociology, University of Copenhagen and at The Danish National Institute of Social Research (SFI).

1994-2001 - associate professor at The Department of Sociology, University of Copenhagen.

2016-2020 - Deputy Head of Department (resonsible for external funding)

Teaching - and supervision of ph.d.-students:

Extensive teaching experience at all university levels (BA sociology, masters and ph.d. programmes, obligatory as well as optional courses).

Supervisor of 26 Ph.D.-students (of which 24 have finished their Ph.D-theses and 2 are enrolled at the University of Copenhagen at the present).

Research collaboration, network activities, honorary posts:

Research leadership:

- leader of research project "Young Adults, Drugs and Alcohol" (Rockwool Foundation) 2015-2018

- coordinator (together with Kristian Karlson) of the research group "Welfare, Inequality and Mobility" at the Department of Sociology 2015-2016

- leader of research project "Institutional Identities in Social Problems Work" (FSE - the Danish National Research Council for Social Research) 2011-2014

- leader (together with Jørgen Elm Larsen) of research excellence program in welfare studies at the Department of Sociology 2008-2013

- co-ordinator of interdiciplinary welfare research network (CITCH) at the University of Copenhagen (with Jørgen Elm Larsen) 2007-2010

- leader of research project "Youth, Drugs and Alcohol" (YODA) (grant from Rockwool Foundation), with Jeanette Østergaard, Stefan Andrade, Jakob Demant and Signe Ravn 2008-2010

- leader of research project "Alcohol consumption and risk" (grant from Trygfonden), with Lars Fynbo 2010-2013

- leader of research project "Evaluating Services for Drug Absuers" (Ministry of Social Affairs) 2007-2010

Assessment of British Academy Fellowship 2021

Member of assessment committee for professorship, Stockholm 2021

Assessment of professorship, University of Guelph, Canada 2020 

Member of expert panel for the European Commission's FP7

Referee/member of expert committees for the research councils in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and the Netherlands, and for other national as well as international foundations/research councils.

Member of scientific appointment committees (professorships, associate and assistant professorships) in all Nordic countries.

Member of The Danish Research Training Council (FUU, under The Danish Research Agency/Forskningsstyrelsen) from 2004-2007

Member of the Danish Committees of Scientific Dishonesty (UVVU; Forskningsstyrelsen), 2000-2003.

Editorial/review work

Member of the editorial board for Acta Sociologica, Sage

Member of the editorial board for Addiction Research and Theory

Member of the editorial board for International Journal of Drug Policy. Elsevier

Member of Scientific advisory board for Nordic Studies on Alcohol and Drugs

Reviewer for a number of scientific journals, among them: Symbolic Interaction, Sociology of Health and Illness, Youth and Society, Addiction, Addiction Research and Theory, Qualitative Inquiry, Qualitative Research, Narrative Inquiry, Journal of Youth Studies, International Journal of Drug Policy, Acta Sociologica, Young, Journal of Adolescent Research, Nordisk Alkohol- og Narkotikatidskrift, Distinktion, Sociologisk Forskning, Sociologi idag, Sosiologia, Socialvetenskaplig tidskrift.

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