Mads Kjelgaard-Hansen

Mads Kjelgaard-Hansen

Affiliate professor

Areas of Research

Investigation and identification of canine markers for sepsis, inflammation and hemostasis.

Development and validation of methods with improved applicability for routine use in companion animal medicine.

Investigation of the diagnostic and prognostic potential of canine inflammatory and hemostatic markers.

Method evaluation and validation within inflammatory markers of companion animals with a focus on canine acute phase proteins.

Standardisation of objective species-specific methods for evaluation and validation of diagnostic methodologies, regarding: (1) Analytical performance, (2) Overlap performance, (3) Clinical performance and (4) Outcome performance.

Development of prognostic and diagnostic models for critically ill canine patients based on key inflammatory and hemostatic markers

Investigation the translational aspect of prognostic and diagnostic models for spontaneously diseased critically ill dogs.

ID: 914826