Lykke Schrøder Jakobsen

Lykke Schrøder Jakobsen

PhD fellow

I have been attached to the Section of Forensic Pathology for the last five years and graduated as a Medical Doctor in January 2016.

Alongside the medical study, I investigated the CT-scans of a Korean mummy and presented the results at an international congress in Lund in 2014.

From August 2013 to July 2014, I had a pre-graduate research year, within the national, forensic project “SURVIVE – Let the dead help the living”, which purpose is to investigate the excess mortality of individuals suffering from a psychiatric disorder. During the research year, I focused on imaging and investigated the utility of CT-based organ measurements on the included individuals in SURVIVE. The results are published.

Beside my own projects, I have participated in a bachelor project investigating the utility of imaging in forensic cases of drowning, and a PhD sub-project investigating Harris Lines on CT and X-ray. Both projects have been published in international, scientific journals.

Primary fields of research

Forensic medicine (current): Investigation of the forensic danger assessment.

Forensic pathology: Radiological (CT) investigation of SURVIVE-included individuals regarding morphometric measurement of the heart and liver.

Forensic anthropology: Radiological (CT) investigation of an ancient, Korean mummy regarding the cause of death.

Current research

Victims exposed to violence are dependent on the forensic examination regarding the legal outcome and responsibility assessment. The main aim of this thesis is to validate and evidence-base the forensic documentation and assessment of lesions, including the danger assessment.

By introducing a probability of survival estimation, known from the clinic, and incorporating imaging in the evaluation of risk of fatality, we hope to increase the legal certainty for all victims of violence in the future.

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