Lene Jung Kjær

Lene Jung Kjær

Associate Professor

My primary focus centers on modelling biological phenomena, including disease transmission, vectors, and vector-borne pathogens. I have a keen interest in statistical models, spatio-temporal models, machine learning methods, simulation modelling, and agent-based modelling.

My expertise primarily lies in vectors, with a particular emphasis on ticks. As a member of the Vector group at the University of Copenhagen, I am actively involved in modelling tick distribution, abundance, activity patterns, and pathogen prevalence. In my research, I utilize remote sensing data, statistical methods, machine learning algorithms, and GIS techniques.

Furthermore, I contribute to the National surveillance of vectors by collecting and disseminating vector data through Myggetal.dk.

Additionally, I am involved with the Avian influenza epidemiology group where I am engaged in predictive spatial modelling of avian influenza. Together with colleagues, we have developed a forecasting model for highly pathogenic avian influenza in Europe. This model is publicly accessible at http://www.enigmahpai.org


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