Leif Jonas Nordström

Leif Jonas Nordström

Associate Professor

  • Section for Consumption, Bioethics and Governance

    Rolighedsvej 25, 1958 Frb. C, Bygning A, 2. sal, Building: 2.16A

    Phone: +45 35 33 19 72

Jonas Nordström's research focuses on environmental and health economics, sustainable consumption and behavioural and experimental economics. Among other things, he studies how one can use economic policy instruments such as taxes, subsidies and information to change individuals’ behaviour and the effectiveness of such policy instruments. Together with natural scientists he also works with research questions related to the transition toward a biobased economy. He has taught at all levels, from introductory to PhD courses in economics, mainly in the areas of microeconomics and econometrics.

ID: 4239987