Laura Francioli

Laura Francioli

Guest researcher

My primary research interests relate to topics within the field of Occupational Health Psychology (OHP), including workplace bullying, depression, anxiety, burnout. 






Current research

I am currently involved in two research projects:

I_Witnessing workplace bullying: antecedents and consequences related to organizational and social work environment. 

The aim of the project is to investigate the complex situation of workplace bullying with focus on the bystarders.

The research programme is funded by FORTE - Swedish Research Council for Health, Working Life and Welfare (2.800.000 Swedish Kr).


II_Reducing stress among PhD students during thesis writing: A booktherapy-based intervantion in Denmark and Sweden. 

It is know that during PhD thesis writing students tend to experience more stress and anxiety than in other stages of their education. In this project we propose to introduce a nivel intervention approach, relying on the tecique known as booktherapy, which mainly adresses the emotional aspects of writing the PhD thesis. 

The research programme is funded by EAWOP - European Association of Work and Organizational Psychology. 



ID: 135841092