Lars Winther

Lars Winther


My research is on the key aspects of urban and regional development and industrial change and location with a focus on the importance of employment, human capital, competitiveness and innovation and the geography of the knowledge economy. I use both quantitative and qualitative methodologies including register based data from Statistics Denmark and case studies to understand the spatial patterns and processes of the complexities of location of economic activities and its socioeconomic consequences in the European context.

My research in urban and economic geography emanates from the fact that cities and city-regions have increasingly become the key locations of everyday life and are major concentrations of economic, social and political activities. Moreover, the large city regions (and cities) continue to spread, physically changing the surrounding landscapes and towns creating new urban forms including peri-urban areas. At the same time, many cities, regions and towns struggle with job losses, industrial restructuring and depopulation, and hence countries face new spatial and socio-economic inequalities.

Four current and future key research themes have my particular interest:  a) Urban and regional development, human capital and industrial restructuring, b) transformation of small and medium sized cities, c) re-industrialisation of cities and regions – competitiveness and local impact and d) urbanisation and industrial change in the outer city and peri-urban areas.

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