Kyoko Murakami
Kyoko Murakami

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    Kyoko Murakami is an Associate Professor in Psychology at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark.  Her research focuses on aspects of cognition such as learning, identity and memory, examining language use and social relations in practices of education and discourses of remembering. Her research draws on Discursive Psychology, Cultural Psychology and Discourse Analysis and other qualitative approaches including ethnography. Dr Murakami’s recent projects and publications relevant to educational research include internationalisation in a Danish University and an edited book titled Dialogic Pedagogy (2016). Since 1998 she has been researching on international reconciliation practices such as war grave pilgrimages by British veterans (e.g., 2014, under review), family reminiscence as memory practice (2017), materiality of memory (2017) and intergenerational succession of memories of catastrophes and disasters in Japan (in progress).  She is an editorial board member for Culture & Psychology and a review editor for Dialogic Pedagogy and Frontiers in Psychology.

    Research fields

    Primary fields of research

    Social remembering, discursive psychology, cultural psychology, cultural historical activity theory, dialogic pedagogy, social and community psychology

    Fields of interest

    Discourse analysis, remembering and forgetting, silence, dialogue, reconciliation, materiality, space and temporality of development, learning in collaboration

    Research group memberships


    I am interested in examining language use and social relations configured and reconfigured in social and cultural practices. As for my theoretical and methodological orientations, I draw on Discourse Analysis, Discursive Psychology and Cultural Psychology (and am open to other approaches). Alongside my education colleagues, I explore ways in which group work in HE yields positive and effective learning outcomes as well as exploring dialogic space in both formal and non-formal education settings. My recent publications include: achieving international reconciliation through battlefield and prison camp pilgrimages by British veterans (2014, in press), family reminiscence as memory practice (in press). At present, centering on the concept of materiality, I am taking discourse based memory and learning research further by exploring materially mediated dialogicality in the contexts of learning and teaching in HE and commemorative practices of war and conflict.

    Current research projects

    • Internatinalisation of UCPH, the Danish way: (KU SAMF teaching innovation fund)
    • Fragments of memory (Asian Dyanamics Institute research fund, KU)

    Major grants



    • Culture, Communication and Learning (BA and MA)
    • Udviklingspsykologi (Developmental Psychology) (BA)
    • Social udviklings - og integrationspsykologi, Videreg (Social and Community Psychology)
    • Discourse Analysis: Advanced Qualitative Research Methods (MA)
    • MA dissertation research supervision

    Selected publications

    Murakami, K. & Jacobs, R. (2016) Connecting dots: Family Reminiscence in Memory practices and learning: interactional, institutional and sociocultural perspectives. Mäkitalo, Å., Linell , P. & Säljö, R. (eds.). Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing, incorporated, (Advances in cultural psychology: constructing human development).

    Murakami, K. (2016) Discursively managing sensitivity: A case of Anglo-Japanese reconciliation over Second World War for Case Studies in Discourse Analysis. Danesi, M. & Greco, S. (eds.) pp. 335-352. Munich: Lincom Europa

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