Kristian Schultz Hansen

Kristian Schultz Hansen

Guest researcher

Primary fields of research

Kristian Schultz Hansen is an Associate Professor of Health Economics and he is also a member of Center for Health Economics and Policy (CHEP) at University of Copenhagen. KSH has more than twenty years of experience with research in health economics and international health conducted from positions at both Danish universities and international research institutions. His research interests include economic evaluation in the health care sector, utilisation of economic incentives in the health care sector, health financing and utilisation of Danish register data to investigate for example the effect of changes of health policies on the consumption of health services by population groups. Within the field of international health, I am in particular interested in malaria, HIV and neglected tropical diseases where I have participated in several research projects in Africa and Asia concerning for example improving malaria diagnosis, economic evaluation of health interventions and the impact of high number of informal health providers in the market for health services.

Current research

I participate in several European multi-centre randomised controlled trials on new health interventions where I am part of the economic evaluation component of these. In addition, I work with methodology development of the economic evaluation techniques currently utilised in the health care sector with particular focus on formally incorporating equity values into these evaluation techniques.


I teach health economics in general and I am responsible for a course on economic evaluation of health innovations. I supervise students on a broad range of health economic topics as well as international health.

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