Kristian Handberg

Kristian Handberg


New perspectives on modernism in art and culture, and the heritage of the 20th century, form the core of my research. My Ph.D. researched retro as a central phenomenon in contemporary culture based on cultural memory and material culture. My current postdoc project with Louisiana Museum of Modern Art explores the new global horizons of the postwar art world and the art historiographical field of multiple modernisms. This also includes a focus on the museum of modern art and exhibition histories as a new approach to art history, which I have developed in peer-reviewed articles, edited volumes, and an international conference held at Louisiana (Multiple Modernisms, 2017).
I have started and coordinated the research group Modernisms at UCPH as a forum for researching and curating 20th century art. I participate actively in the international research environment for global modernism studies through conferences, academies, and collaborations, including a planned anthology.

Fields of interest

Postwar art 

Exhibition Histories

Cultural Memory


Revival Culture 

Primary fields of research

Art history 

Cultural Memory

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