Kitt Plinia Nielsen
Kitt Plinia Nielsen

PhD fellow

My research focuses on the introduction of corporate intelligence in multinational enterprises. In short, my research shows that corporate intelligence is "born" out of corporate security's application of risk analyses, in particular of political risk analyses. This recent development not only transforms corporate security, but also has the potential to affect corporate governance and MNEs' contributions to global governance.

The theoretical foundation of my work rests on Reinhart Koselleck's conceptual history, and my research methods include archival studies, qualitative interviews and fieldwork. Associate Professor Karen Lund Petersen acts as my supervisor, and the working title of the dissertation is 'From Political Risk to Corporate Intelligence: Evolving Corporate Threat Perceptions and Their Implications'.


In addition to the PhD project, I teach the course Qualitative Interviewing, I supervise internship reports and theses (cluster supervision), and I conduct a workshop on research interviews for the BSc students interested in International Relations. Finally, I have spent 3 years on the editorial board of Asia in Focus, an Asian-specific journal for junior researchers based in Scandinavia.

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