Katrine Barnekow Rasmussen

Katrine Barnekow Rasmussen

Assistant Professor


My primary research interests are criminology, crime prevention, youth crime, restorative processes, and conflict management.
Postdoc focus:
Examining presentation and practice of the restorative aspect in the Danish Youth Crime Boards
PhD focus:
In some forms, restorative processes have been demonstrated to have a positive effect on desistance for offenders as well as on recovery for victims. However, the path to participating in a restorative process can vary immensely depending on the framework of the responsible organisation. I have been interested in exploring mechanisms related to the shaping of access to restorative processes.

My investigation focuses primarily on the Danish VOM programme and secondarily the Norwegian Mediation Service. The two services are both called Konfliktråd in the respective national languages and the establishing of the Danish programme was heavily inspired by the Norwegian service making the Norwegian Service an obvious case for comparison. In the Norwegian data set, my main focus is on the processes of referring to the two types of restorative youth sanctions implemented nationwide since July 2014 and to be executed by the Mediation Service.

ID: 143261721