Kamilla Pernille Johansen Nørtoft

Kamilla Pernille Johansen Nørtoft


Primary fields of research

  • Anthropology of ageing and old age
  • Transitions in old age, retirement, change of home
  • Social relations, intergenerational relations
  • Representation 
  • Health education
  • Welfare state benefits and health services in Denmark and Greenland

Current research

  • Ageing in the Arctic (AgeArc) - on ellbeing, living conditions and use of the health system in Greenland
  • Exposing Diversity - on the use of video i interdisciplinary focus groups of health professionals
  • Retirement stories - a participant oriented research and dissemination project about the experiences of the transition from work life to retirement
  • Moving to a nursing home - on relatives role in the process of moving to a nursing home


  • Ethnographic methods
  • Health and ageing

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