Kamil Gotfryd

Kamil Gotfryd

Guest researcher

I am a biotechnologist with a PhD degree in Health Sciences and a passionate protein scientist. I am interested in unveiling the molecular mechanisms of action and pharmacological modulation of clinically relevant human membrane proteins (MPs) and their complexes.

I am working with production and structure-function investigation of several classes of MPs, including aquaglyceroporins, neurotransmitter, metal and nutrient transporters. I have also contributed to development of several detergents, and characterized compounds displaying anti-cancer, mood-stabilizing and memory-preserving properties.

Methodologically, I use a wide range of state-of-the-art structural biology techniques, and biochemical assays used in drug and protein characterization.



Supervisor of Bsc, MSc and PhD students
Teacher at the following courses for BSc programme in medicine:
  •  “Kidney and the urinary tract”
  •  “Stomach, the intestines and the liver”


ID: 5885