Johannes Andresen

Johannes Andresen

PhD student


I am Johannes Andresen, a clinical psychologist passionate about exploring innovative digital interventions targeting neurocognitive and social cognitive impairments in psychiatric and neurodevelopmental disorders.

My interest in this field began in spring 2018 during an internship in psychiatry, where I conducted cognitive assessment on a young woman with early-onset psychosis. Witnessing her struggle with both psychotic and cognitive symptoms left a profound impression on me. Following this experience, I delved into researching cognitive remediation in schizophrenia for my master's thesis. After graduation, I spent around five years as a clinical psychologist in psychiatry, conducting assessments, providing psychoeducation, therapy, and cognitive remediation interventions for young adults with psychosis.

Working with individuals facing cognitive impairments further fuelled my interest in and motivation to contribute to developing better treatments for cognitive deficits. This motivation ultimately led me to the Virtu Research Group at the Copenhagen Research Centre for Mental Health (CORE), where I began working on the STEPS-project (Social Cognitive Training Enhancing Pro-functional Skills) in December 2023. STEPS is the largest randomized clinical trial in the world comparing the effectiveness of Virtual Reality-assisted therapy to management as usual for adults with autism spectrum disorders, with the goal of improving social cognitive deficits and overall functioning.

Since January 2024, I have been enrolled as a PhD student at the University of Copenhagen while also working at Virtu Research Group. My research primarily focuses on innovative digital interventions targeting neurocognitive and social cognitive impairments. I hope my research will eventually make a meaningful impact on individuals affected by cognitive symptoms.

Thank you for reading my presentation. Please feel free to reach out if you share similar interests or have any questions about my research, the STEPS project, or the Virtu Research Group.


Johannes Andresen

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