Joanna Lam

Joanna Lam

Professor MSO


2017               University of Lodz, habilitation in juridical sciences

2012               Harvard Law School, LL.M. 

2005               Polish Academy of Sciences, Institute of Legal Studies, Doctor of Juridical Sciences

 1999               University of Warsaw, Faculty of Law and Administration, Master of Law (magister iuris), summa cum laude


Academic positions held:

2019              Director, Study Hub for International Economic Law and Development (SHIELD), University of Copenhagen (Faculty of Law) 

2018              Professor MSO of International Economic Law, University of Copenhagen (Faculty of Law)

2013               Visiting Scholar at RenminUniversity, Beijing (LawSchool)

2009-2018      Associate Professor at University of Copenhagen (Faculty of Law). Since 2012 at Centre of Excellence for International Courts (iCourts)

2008               Visiting Scholar at University of California, Berkeley (School of Law)

2007               Visiting Scholar at Harvard University (Harvard Law School)

2006-7            Visiting Researcher at UNIDROIT, Rome

2005               Assistant Professor at KozminskiUniversity, Warsaw

2004-5            Fulbright Visiting Researcher at HarvardUniversity (HarvardLawSchool)


Management experience and positions of trust:

2021+             Director of the 4EU+ Summer School for International Business Law

2016-2018       PhD Program Coordinator, Faculty of Law, University of Copenhagen

2012-2018       Harvard Club of Poland - member of the Board for the 'Road to Harvard' competition

 2014-2015       iCourts coordinator for the PhD studies, University of Copenhagen (Faculty of Law)

2010-2013       Member of the Board for the Ph.D. Studies, University of Copenhagen (Faculty of Law)

 2009-2010       Member of the Board for International Programs, University of Copenhagen (Faculty of Law)

2008-9            Vice Dean, Kozminski University (coordination of studies in Public Administration, part-time and full time programs, at the Bachelor and Master levels)

2006               AACSB international accreditation team member at KozminskiUniversity

1999-2004      Collegium Invisibile Poland (member of the Board of Directors, elected for 3 consecutive terms)


Professional qualifications:

 2011+           Attorney-at-law 


Honors and Awards:

2012              Harvard Law School Summer Academic Fellowship

2006              Kozminski University Rector’s Award for Scholarly Achievements

2005              Kozminski University Rector’s Award for doctoral dissertation

2004              Fulbright Foundation fellowship

2003              Kozminski University Rector’s Award for Scholarly Achievements

2002-4           Foundation for Polish Science – START grant for outstanding young researchers 2002/03, extended for 2003/04

1999              Master’s Diploma summa cum laude, Faculty of Law and Administration, University of Warsaw

1995-9           Collegium Invisibile Fellowship

1995              German Ministry of Education Fellowship

1994              Polish Ministry of Education Award


Keynote speeches and invited lectures

University of Warsaw (2021)

University of International Business and Economics, Beijing (2019)

University of Luxembourg (2018)

Asia Foreign Direct Investment Forum, Chinese University of Hong Kong (2017)

Hamburg Lectures on Law & Economics, University of Hamburg (2016)

2016 Taipei International Conference on Arbitration and Mediation, Chinese Arbitration Association (2016)

Dispute Resolution in M&A/JV Transactions, Warszawa (2015)

University of Warsaw, Faculty of Law and Administration (2014)

Arbitrators’ Club Lewiatan. Warszawa (2014)

Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona (2014)

2014 Taipei International Conference on Arbitration and Mediation, Chinese Arbitration Association (2014)

International School of Management, organized by Alliance for Business Education (Bradford University, UK; EADA, Spain; Audencia Nantes, France; and Kozminski Business School, Poland (2006)


Selected expert collaborations:

Research Foundation - Flanders (Fonds Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek – Vlaanderen)

National Science Centre, Poland

The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research

Chinese Arbitration Association (Taiwan)

Lewiatan Court of Arbitration

Ernst & Young


Dr. jur. habil.

ID: 14014740