Jacob Wienecke

Jacob Wienecke

Associate Professor

Member of:

    Name: Jacob Wienecke

    Title: PhD (Neuroscience), MSc (Human Physiology & Biology)

    Date and place of birth: October 8th 1974, Esbjerg, Denmark (DK)

    Position:      Associate Professor,

    Head of Bachelor Studies (in Exercise and Sports Science),

    Animal lab Group Coordinator,

    Coordinator of the teaching in the field of Ballgames.



    Copenhagen Neural Control of Movement (CPHNCM), Department of Nutrition, Exercise & Sports (NEXS), Department of Neuroscience & Pharmacology (INF), Faculty of Science, University of Copenhagen (KU);



    2014 – 2015    Course in: Management and Development, University of Copenhagen.

    2009                Certified for Higher Education Teaching (Adjunktpædagogikum), University of Copenhagen,

    2007                Ph.D. Faculty of Health Science, University of Copenhagen, DK

    2003                MSc in Human Physiology (major degree) and Biology (minor degree), Faculty of Science, University of Copenhagen, DK

    1994 – 1995    Sports School (idrætshøjskole), Den Jyske Idrætsskole, Vejle, Denmark

    1991 – 1994    Student at Varde Gymnasium, Varde, Denmark                    


    Positions held:

    2013 –             Head of Bachelor Studies (in Exercise and Sports Science)

    2011 –             Visiting Teacher, Norges Idrettshøyskole (NIH) in Oslo, Norway

    2011 –             Associate Professor, NEXS, KU

    2008 – 2011    Assistant Professor, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

    2010               Visiting Researcher, University of Freiburg, Germany

    2008                Basketball Coach for SISU CPH (men’s, best division in DK), Copenhagen           

    2005 – 2007    Ph.D. student at the Faculty of Health Science, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

    2004                Research Assistant at the Dep. of Medical Physiology, University of Copenhagen

    2002 – 2003   Junior research assistant, Dep. of Medical Physiology, University of Copenhagen

    2000 – 2005   Teacher (undervisningsassistent) at University of Copenhagen

    1996 – 1998   Teacher, Langelinieskolen, Copenhagen Ø, Denmark

    1995 – 1997   Kindergarden teacher, Copenhagen, Denmark


    International collaborations:

    Dr. Peter Kirkwood, Sobell Dep. of Motor Neuroscience and Movement Disorders, Institute of Neurology, UCL, London, UK. Mengliang Zhang, Lunds University, Sweden. Liqun Ren, University of Chengde, China. Fin Biering-Sørensen, Rigshospitalet and Glostrup Hospital. Ola Fosnæs, NIH in Oslo, Norway.




    Other duties

    2012                Symposium organizer at University of Southern Denmark “Ballgames symposium”

    2011                Developing the education/teaching in Ballgames at NIH, Oslo, Norway

    2010 –             Member of the teaching board at Department of Exercise and Sport Sciences

    2005 –             Member of the Elite board of the Danish Basketball Federation (DBBF)

    2003 –             Development of (& teaching at) the Coach Education in the DBBF

    2002 – 2005    Board member of the Players Union for Danish Elite Sports, Denmark

    2002 – 2005    Co-Founder and member of the Basketball Players Union in Denmark

    1996 – 1998    Physical trainer for mentally ill people, A project in the Copenhagen Area, DK

    1995 –             Basketball coach for children and teenagers in SISU, Copenhagen, Denmark

    1995 – 2006    Organizer of the Annual Danish Sports Festival for mentally ill people.


    International Talks

    Southern University of Denmark, 2012, “Bidirectional video-teaching”

    University of Freiburg, 2010 “Changes in motor neurons following Exercise”

    The Motor Neuron Meeting, 2006, Copenhagen “Gene-expression changes in motor neurons following spinal transection”

    University of Alberta, 2005 “Plateau properties in motor neurones”




    Senior lecturer

    ID: 10431