Inez Estelle P Harker-Schuch

Inez Estelle P Harker-Schuch

Guest researcher

I am a post-doc within the Climate and Food Security Research Group at the University of Copenhagen.

My research combines many different avenues in the fields of climate change, environmental science, digital technologies, visualisations and public education. My main activities involve investigating the role of knowledge in improving pro-climate attitudes and the use of state-of-the-art technology to leverage social transformation.  I teach/coordinate on 2 online courses at The University of Copenhagen (Environmental Management in Europe/Climate Change, Impacts, Adaptation and Mitigation) and offer lectures that cover human behaviour and the environment, climate literacy and the role of technology in improving knowledge, attitudes and behaviour in emission reduction activities.  I have extensive experience in research project management, research planning and implementation.  I am currently completing my PhD at the Australian National University: ‘Using digital tools to teach climate science to early adolescents'. As director of the 'Earth's People' environmental science education foundation, I am also currently developing a 3D interactive digital game to be distributed in the public-school secondary system.



ID: 37921517