Ines Greco
Ines Greco


My scientific experience covers different fields. My University degree in Chemical-Industrial Biotechnology provided me with a wide knowledge of chemistry, biochemistry, molecular biology and microbiology.
My research career started working with microbiology for my BSc, when I was investigating the effect of sodium ipochlorite on yeast cells. I was then attracted by proteomics, so I conducted the experimental part of research activity for my MSc thesis at King’s College – University of London, Department of Old Age Psychiatry where I used proteomic techniques for the validation of in silico derived biomarkers for Alzheimer’s disease in plasma.

In addition, I have had a 1 year experience in a world leader pharmaceutical industry (Novartis Vaccines) working in the R&D field, in the Formulation division. Our group was composed by biotechnologists, chemists and microbiologists, and used proteomics techniques, chemistry and protein biochemistry for the discovery and improvement of vaccines against pathogenic bacteria. Working in the field of anti-microbic vaccines, I have taken stronger interest to chemistry and microbiology, that lead me to apply for the PhD I am currently working at. The main issue of my current research is development of novel antimicrobial peptide-peptoid hybrids for veterinary use. I am performing this by chemical synthesis and purification of newly designed molecules, in vitro microbiological assays to investigate activity and in vitro tests of toxicity. This will be followed by formulation improvement, pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics studies and ADME high-throughput studies in collaboration with Pfizer laboratories in Kalamazoo, USA. Scientific research is my main objective, and I am very keen to keep on applying my knowledge and skills, and to increase my experience in the scientific area. 

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