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    My primary research is within the area of forensic psychology. I am involved in clinical research primarily within the area of forensic psychiatry focusing on severe personality disorders and violence risk. On going and planned projects are conducted in forensic and civil psychiatric settings in close collaboration with national and international collaborators. The projects include both clinical data and data from national registers. 

    Current main projects:

    • Situational influences on institutional violence – Applying PRISM in a maximum secure facility
    • Clinical validation of structured professional judgement approaches to violence risk
    • Clinical validation (incl. translation) of the third revision of the Structured Professional Judgement approach HCR:V3
    • Implementation of structured professional judgement in Danish forensic psychiatry
    • Psychopathic Personality in forensic settings
    • Specialised forensic psychiatric outpatient care as a violence reduction strategy
    • Victimisation of forensic psychiatric patients – vulnerability towards violence and secondary victimization
    • Violence risk and historical pathways

     Past projects (main projects only):

    • Incidence and prevalence rates of Personality Disorders in Denmark (2010-2013)
    • Validation of the Comprehensive Assessment of Psychopathic Personality (CAPP) (2007-2010)
    • Validation of structured professional judgments of violence risk – and assessments of psychopathy – in Denmark (2005-2009)
    • Implementation of evidence-based practices in Danish forensic psychiatry (2005-2008)
    • Implementation and pilot-study of the structured professional judgment approach the HCR-20 (2004-2005)

    ID: 32464892