Henrik Ullum

Henrik Ullum

    Member of:

    • Clinical immunology

    • 1994 June: Medical degree, University of Copenhagen
    • 1998 PhD, University of Copenhagen
    • 2004 June: Medical specialist in Clinical Immunology
    • 2007 Rigshospitalets leadership course
    • 2015 Strategic research leadership course Region H


    Positions held:

    • From August Professor at Institute for Clinical Medicine, University of Copenhagen
    • January 2011 – August 2014 Associate Professor at Institute for Clinical Medicine, University of Copenhagen
    • From December 2006 Chief physician at Department of Clinical Immunology, Rigshospitalet. Serves as head of The Biobank Section and The Virology Section.
    • From December 2005-december 2015 medical director in GivBlod

    Honorary positions

    • 2016-present Member of the national Danish advisory board for personalized medicine
    • 2015-present Chair of the Organization of Danish Medical Societies (LVS)
    • 2015-present Board member of Program for Clinical Research Infrastructure (PROCRIN)
    • 2014–present Member of Strategic Alliance for Register and Health data (STARS)
    • 2013-present Board member of The Danish Medical Association Research Fund
    • 2013-2014 Member of the think tank NORFOS on new organization forms in health systems
    • 2011-2015 Member of The National Forum for Health Research (NSS)
    • 2010-2015 Board member of the Organization of Danish Medical Societies (LVS)
    • 2009-2014 Deputy Chairman in Danish Society of Clinical Immunology

    ·         2005-2015 Chairman of Working Group Transfusion Transmitted Diseases in Danish Society of Clinical Immunology


    Scientific focus areas

    Working in the cross field between epidemiology, genetics, immunology and biobanking. A major area of focus is the health of blood donors with particular interest in causes and consequences of iron deficiency.


    International relations

    I collaborate closely with deCODE genetics Iceland, the INTERVAL study (Universities of Cambridge and Oxford), and Johns Hopkins University.


    Web of Science data

    203 publications, 4382 citations, H-index 33


    PhD students & postdocs supervised

    Supervisor of 9 completed and 4 ongoing PhD projects. Supervisor of 2 completeed an 2 ongoing post doc projects.



    Research management experience(founder of/leader of):

    The Danish Blood Donor Study including >120.000 participants (see: www.dbds.dk).


    Copenhagen Hospital Biobank holds at present >306.000 individuals.


    Head of The Biobank Unit and The Virology Section at Department of Clinical immunology, Rigshospspitalet. Staff includes 13 lab technicians and 7 academics.

    ID: 32965660