Henrik Siegumfeldt

Henrik Siegumfeldt

Associate Professor

Member of:


    May 2000:Defended Ph.d.-thesis with the title: “The dynamics of pHi regulation in lactic acid bacteria”.

    October 1997: Defended MSc- thesis with the title: ”Fysiologiske studier af Saccharomyces cerevisiae under ølgæring”. (English Title: Physiological studies of Saccharomyces cerevisiae during fermentation of beer)


    Scientific Positions

    01/2006 - present     Associate Professor

    06/2000-12/2005     Assistant Professor


    Administrative Positions

    05/2008 – Present: Head of studies MSc in Food Science

    05/2008 -03/2015: Head of studies BSc in Food Science and Nutrition

    09/2009-09/2010: Head of Section, Food Microbiology


    Main research activities:

    •          Fluorescence microscopy and bioimaging of bacteria in dairy products.

    •          Single cell studies of shift in growth phases (lag to exponential).

    •          Rapid methods for determining physiological changes in single cells

    •          Adhesion dynamics of single cells


    Other Scientific Qualifications:

    •          Extensive experience with fluorescent probes for measuring biochemical activity in and around microbial cells.

    •          Expertise in all aspects of light microscopy, including digital image acquisition and image analysis

    •          Knowledge in classical statistical analysis as well as multivariate data analysis


    Project management:

    Manager of 5 scientific projects where 9.4 mill. dkr. of external funding was directly managed by Henrik Siegumfeldt


    Ph.d Supervision and Chairman of assessment

    Main Supervisor: 3 finished Phd students, one active.

    Chairman of assessment committee: 17


    An updated list of publications can be found at

    Orcid.org; Unique ID: 0000-0003-2718-9280. Click here for direct link

    ResearcherID.com; Unique ID:E-1201-2015. Click here for direct link



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