Helmer Bøving Larsen
Helmer Bøving Larsen


Research fields

  • Child abuse: prevention, assessment, and treatment
  • Treatment of childhood obsessive-compulsive disorders
  • Treatment of childhood anxiety disorders
  • Childhood traumas and chronic adversities
  • Developmental psychopathology

Research group memberships

  • Center of Sexuality, Language, and Gender (Dept. of Psychology)
  • PreVail (University of Toronto, Canada)

Research: brief description

Helmer Bøving Larsen is associate professor in clinical child psychology at the Department of Psychology, University of Copenhagen. He is authorized clinical psychologist and accredited specialist and supervisor in psychotherapy by the Danish Psychological Association.

His research focuses on various types of child abuse and neglect and their effect on children. Earlier, physical child abuse was viewed as rare and not something that needed to be routinely considered in clinical referrals. His own two large (and other) epidemiological studies have made clear that the rate of physical abuse is probably in the order of 5-10% but there is a large overlap between physical abuse and emotional neglect. The rate of sexual abuse was viewed as equally rare but it is now evident that its frequency is at least as high of that of physical abuse. In addition, although girls are at a greater risk, it is evident that boys are sexually abused as well.

Every second year since 2003 he has organized an international conference on child abuse (the Hindsgavl meetings).

Current research projects

  • Resilience among sexually abused children
  • Polyvictimization


Teaching and supervision at BA, KA, and Ph.D. levels in:

  •  Bachelor’s theses
  •  Master’s theses
  •  Clinical psychology
  •  Research methods in clinical psychology

Selected publications

Helweg-Larsen, K; Schütt, N; Larsen, HB. Predictors and protective factors for adolescent Internet victimization : Results from a 2008 nationwide Danish youth survey. Acta Paediatrica, Vol. 101, No. 5, 15.05.2012, p. 533-539. 

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Primary fields of research

Developmental psychopathology
Anxiety in childhood
Child sexual abuse
Conduct disorders

Current research

Member of the Copenhagen Child Anxiety Project - CCAP, a treatment- and research project regarding anxiety disorders in children. The CCAP consists of both clinical and experimental research projects. The aim is to create new theoretical and empirical knowledge regarding anxiety disorders in childhood. Also the process and treatment effect of case-formulation based cognitive behaviour therapy with children and their parents are investigated as well as the effect of parental involvement in the treatment. heoretically knowledge from the attachment research and models from developmental psychopathology are integreted with existing knowledge on the development of anxiety disorders derived from cognitive and learning theories. Empirically the specificity of a number of factors involving families with anxious children are investigated. The results are compared with two control groups, one with a different psychiatric disturbance and one from a community sample. The experimental research project aims at investigating the physiological processes of selfregulation in anxious, ADHD and community children.

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